The worst six states for COVID show...

62% of COVID-19 deaths have occurred in these six states, though these states account for only 18% of the US population. So what happened with these states of which are all run by Democrat governor's except one...

Massachusetts - Baker (R)

New York - Cuomo (D)

New Jersey - Murphy (D)

Michigan - Whitmer (D)

Connecticut - La Monte (D)

Pennsylvania - Wolfe (D)

These states adopted this policy.

March 16 - CDC memo - Nursing homes should admit any Individuals who are from hospitals where a case of COVID-19 was or is present. - issue by David R Wright

These governors and CDC who created and implemented this policy should be held as criminals. They killed the vulnerable.

Where did this policy idea come from? The IHME model from university of Washington and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foudnation, which was not questioned. These models have failed us time and again and now they have killed thousands.


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