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Updated: Apr 29

I have had enough of YouTube sensoring opposing views. Recently they announced any views on COVID-19 that differentiated from the stance of the World Health Organization (WHO) would be considered misinformation and be removed.

Funny, because what the heck does the WHO even know? Back in January they said COVID-19 was not an issue and could not be transmitted human to human. While the AP released an article stating China knew that indeed the virus could be spread from human to human. Then in March, WHO said face masks were not effective in reducing the spread. That was a lie. The WHO has gone from "nothing to see here" to "run for your lives" and back again and forth and back. What we have found out is this, WHO and Chinese communist party are one in the same. We should never give another dime to WHO.

As more data about COVID-19 is released, studies are showing COVID-19 is highly more contagious than we originally thought, and there are significantly more people who have gotten COVID-19 and didn't even know it, but when they were tested they were found to have antibodies from the virus. Thus they got infected, and now have immunity.

Two surgeons did a study and found this to be the case California. They held a press conference, and calmly and rationally explained the findings from their research. In conclusion, COVID-19 is not nearly as dangerous as we originally thought. More so, it is on par to be as deadly or perhaps slightly more deadly than the FLU.

You must watch this video that YouTube has banned, good thing we grabbed it in time. We are linking to a 3rd party that has reposted to YouTube. Enjoy and share with your friends.

Burn the books, burn the witches, down with free society! - YouTube New Motto


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